What is the most important “Two Third” of your life? We’ve decided that from now on, our main “Two Third” will be water, the origin of life which is being deteriorated.

Being responsible is our only lifeline, we are enclosed in an island that is surrounded by the universe and on it, everything would decay. Water is our only difference with billions of other planets scattered around us inanimately.
We have drunk and contaminated it for years. Today we face its crisis of deterioration, running out of water and therefore our end.
The only solution is in our hands. Right in here. The only aim of “Two Third” is to save the Earth, a place where it will be the only home to us and our children.

The quiddity of “Two Third” will be made by us, our being responsible or indifferent is something that makes “Two Third”. It will be made of men, women and children who will learn whatever needed to save water resources of our beautiful planet. Volunteer-based organizations, governments and on top of all, you and me will form the quiddity of “Two Third”.